Jaclyn Colville's Top 10 Registry Picks

Jaclyn Colville's Top 10 Registry Must-Haves Infographic

Well, I finally nipped my baby registry in the bud. I was messaging my girlfriends asking what bottles to add, which play pen to buy and yes... what breast pump to invest in. What were the most important items you may ask? My TOP 10 Must Haves? Well I've made a list to give you just that!

1. Blanket 

In my books blankets are definitely a must have. These make for sentimental gifts that are completely practical for you and baby. Truthfully, I've got a thing for blankets and pillows in general so I'm just getting the baby started early on.

2. High Chair 

Did you know that a baby can start using a high chair as early as 4 months? I didn't! WOW. I thought this was an item you wouldn't use until after the baby turned one. I was wrong. This is definitely an essential part of your daily routine. For me, I always love to give things that I know the person will get a lot of use out of. That way when they use it they might possibly remember that I got it for them (is that weird?).

3. Car Seat

This is another MUST have. You're going to use this car seat quite often so it's best to invest in the one you really want. With the strollers these days the car seat has become such a staple. You can buy converters so that your car seat can fit into your stroller or some just buy the coordinating car seat with the stroller they purchase. Regardless, it can be very handy to get the exact car seat you're looking for. 

4. Playard

When it came to the play pen I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for. I messaged one of my best friends who has a two year old to ask her... "What Play Pen do I put on my registry?". Her answer was the 4Mom's Breeze playard.

5. Soothers

I've been warned by mom friends that it's so important to invest in a wide range of soothers. Not every baby loves the same soother and it's great to test a bunch of different soothers out to see what works best for you and your baby. Right now the Natursutten soothers are all the rage.

6. Bottles

Even if you're planning to breastfeed you'll want bottles on your baby registry. This was another topic that I really didn't know enough about on my own. A few friends of mine had suggested the Avent Natural Bottles and I took their word for it. Have you thought about whether you want glass baby bottles or plastic bottles? I had no idea. What I found was that there were some fantastic bottle gift sets on Snuggle Bugz that allowed you to try the different sizes for baby. OH, another tip is that for the first three months apparently they only use the 4oz bottles but after that you'll want the 8 or 9oz bottles so it might be smart to invest in the larger bottles from the very beginning.

7. Infant Tub

 My mom always talks about how she loved bath time when we were babies. Actually, the first thing she bought our baby was a set of bath toys. She says it's so much fun for baby and can be very memorable as parents. With that in mind, I definitely wanted an infant tub. It actually makes me really emotional to think in just a month from now I'll be bathing our baby! I know that it can be such a great bedtime ritual. Also great to use warm water to get your baby relaxed for bed.

8. Stroller

Obviously, a stroller is one of the key items that every family should invest in. I mean, I plan on using mine every single day. Whether it's a quick walk around the block, meeting a girlfriend at the mall or travelling with baby this is something you really want to rely on (for me anyways). From the moment I tested out the UPPAbaby Vista I knew I had to have it. Not only because of the colour but yes... that had a lot to do with it. I watched the videos on line and prodded my husband to watch them with me. We were both really really really impressed. The stroller is by far my #1 must have for any baby registry.

9. Diaper Bag 

Still not sure what Diaper Bag to choose? I have my Companion Backpack already and I love how versatile it is. You can see how easy it is to style it with any outfit here. My favourite part about my Companion Bag from TWELVElittle? They have matching ones for your little one!!! Isn't that adorable? I think it's super practical and it looks adorable.

10. Baby Monitor 

Another essential baby item that I personally think is a must have for your baby registry is your baby monitor. Having friends that have kids already I've been informed that this is a necessity. With the Motorola Smart Nursery 7" HD Monitor you actually have two way communication. How cool is that?! It also has lullabies, full HD video streaming, it can monitor the temperature, humidity and noise in the room AND infrared night vision. Our parents are completely in shock with how far technology has come for nurseries now.

Ryan and I plan to have a 'smart nursery' so I'll be sure to go more into detail about that in some upcoming posts and videos.

What's your #1 Registry Must Have?!

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