Must Pack Sleep Items for Vacation

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Travelling with kids can be tough but one way to make each family vacation an enjoyable and memorable time is to have well-rested kiddos along for the ride. While protecting your child’s sleep while away from home as best you can helps, making sure you bring along the right sleep tools can mean sleep filled nights and better days throughout the whole trip.

7 Must-Haves to Help Your Child Seep on Vacation

1. Safe Sleep Space

 A playard with an age appropriate height option will prevent baby from falling into an unsafe habit of sleeping in bed!

2. Gro Bag Gro Anywhere Blind

This travel blackout blind can help create that dark and dreamy sleep zone no matter where you are. Easy to set up and take down. A definite addition to your ‘what to pack’ list.

3. Light My Way NightLight

Sleeping in a new place can bring up some new fears and bedtime anxieties for your little ones. This Munchkin night light can be the perfect addition to your toddlers holiday bedtime routine as it can proved enough light to keep the bedtime fears at bay and can also easily accompany any middle of the night bathroom breaks.

4. Wet Dry UV Sun Hat

There is nothing better than snoozing on the beach, even for our little ones. When our babies are sleeping in the sun though we want to keep their little heads protected and CaliKids sun hats can do that.

5. Gro Bag Sleep Sacks

When on vacation napping on-the-go can be unavoidable and the Grobag from The Gro Company makes it easy to transfer your baby from car seat to crib without waking them up.

6. Inflatable Bed Rail Bed Bolster

Safety should always be a focus in a new sleep environment and for your little one who may be new to a bed The Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail can easily be packed in your suitcase and can make any bed a safer sleep environment.

7. Lulla Doll

Nothing can comfort your little one more while away from home than their favourite toy or stuffy. The Lulla Doll features soothing sounds and soft touch - it can be just what your child needs to help them fall asleep easier when away from home. *I only recommend stuffed animals and toys to be placed in the crib once your child is a year or older.
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