May 2019 Clearance Centre Sale

This month our Clearance Centre Sale will be on Wednesday, May 1st, from 10am-1pm. As always, we must stress that this is a CLEARANCE sale and not a warehouse sale. And as much as we would love to have you shop at one of our beautiful retail locations, the Clearance Sale will be taking place in our Clearance Centre at 1040 Sutton Drive, Unit #1 in Burlington. 

Please note, our Clearance Centre Sales will occur every other month – see you in July!  


Product inventory is limited – meaning once we are sold out, that’s it – and products are SOLD AS IS. ALL ITEMS PURCHASED AT THE CLEARANCE CENTRE ARE A FINAL SALE & CANNOT BE RETURNED TO ANY SNUGGLE BUGZ RETAIL LOCATION. 

Here are some helpful hints so you know WHAT TO EXPECT at the sale: 

1. Location. As mentioned above, the sale is at our Clearance Centre, not our store. 1040 Sutton Drive, Burlington. There is no street parking available for the sale. 

2. Come On-Time. The doors open at 10am and will close promptly at 1pm. 

3. Be prepared to wait. Come with a charged up phone and an expectation that there will be a line. 

4. Dress for the weather. The line to get in is located outside, in our parking lot. Be sure to dress weather appropriate. 

5. Food. Eat before you come, bring snacks and water. 

6. Washrooms. We know we said bring water but we DO NOT have access to washrooms for public use. Please plan accordingly. 

7. Strollers. This event is not particularly stroller friendly. Please leave any strollers in the car or at home and consider using a baby carrier if you are bringing your child with you. 

8. Carrying your purchases. We do not have shopping carts, so come with free arms and hands. 

9. Payment. We accept Visa, Master Card or debit only. Amex, Cash and Gift Cards are NOT accepted. All items are FINAL SALE. 

10. Delivery. All items will need to be taken with you when you purchase. Please ensure you bring a vehicle that is capable of transporting what you hope to buy. 

Please keep in mind that these products are sold AS IS. The inventory selection includes pieces that were floor models, discontinued items, items that have been opened or removed from their original packaging, etc. These are not items that you would find in one of our retail stores or online. All products are safe for use. 

With expectations clearly set and helpful hints provided, your shopping experience at our May Clearance Sale should be that much better! We look forward to seeing you there! 

Please note, the product shown below are while supplies last with limited quantities and selection from products shown may vary.


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  • Do you have any Cruz or Vistas this month?

    KT from Toronto

  • Any pictures? Thanks!

    JW from Midland

  • Do u have any uppababy vista ??


  • Hi! Do you have any Uppa Vista 2015+ rumble seats in Jake? Also, do you have any 2015+ piggyback boards? Thanks!


  • Photos for our May Clearance Sale have been added! We currently have an UPPAbaby Vista in Denny Red + an UPPAbaby Vista in Taylor Indigo. Please remember--while supplies last! We hope to see you at the sale! Judith, on behalf of Team Snuggle Bugz


  • Any Diono car seats or love to dream swaddles?


  • Any Valco sports pack air tires ?

    MP from Stoney Creek

  • Hi! What colour is the Uppa Vista rumble seat? Are there any piggyback boards? Thanks!


  • Do you have any of the skip hop jumper?


  • Hello GS, We DO have a Skip Hop jumper! We are open until 1pm today but can't guarantee that it will still be here. Hello LW, Not this time. Hello MP, Not this time. Hello RS, Not this time. -Judith, on behalf of SnuggleBugz


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