Invidyo Baby Monitor Review

The World’s Smartest Video Baby Monitor

Once babe learns how to stand in the crib—it's all over!

If you are looking for the comfort of knowing that your baby is safe and happy whether they are in the next room, out for dinner or even at work than we might have a solution.
Enter Invidyo!

Invidyo is a new smart phone-based video baby monitor and nanny camera that helps provide peace of mind for parents when at home or away. The Invidyo video baby monitor provides parents the best set of capabilities to do just that.

Read on for a list of five unique features and benefits of the Invidyo Baby Monitor.


1. Monitoring Your Little One Home or Away

It all starts with a high-quality camera and 130-degree 1080p HD video, night vision for when the lights are out and remote pan & tilt controls to move the camera via the smart phone when your little one is not directly in front of the camera. Invidyo’s high resolution allows the parent to zoom in on the live video or stored videos in the smart phone screen with their fingers to see the baby REALLY close or from across the room. While the smart phone app is often the viewing choice, a tablet running the app or computer access of the secured web-portal are also great ways to monitor baby.

Invidyo’s long list of smart, and customizable notifications provides peace of mind when you are not looking directly at the video screen. Through flexible controls, the parent can choose to receive instant notifications on their smart phone when the baby is crying, a loud noise or motion is detected, when a recognized person, perhaps when the children come home from school, an unrecognized individual is detected or if the temperature in the baby’s room has gone outside of the selected limits. All of these “events” are captured in video for viewing either through the smart phone app or the web browser portal. Temperature is monitored throughout the day and night. The current temperature and history can be viewed in the app.

2. Capture the Moments of Your Baby’s Day

Working parents are often deprived of seeing their little one’s special moments during the day. Invidyo has several great features so those special moments don’t get missed. First, there is a great facility called 2 Minutes Smart Daily Highlights Video. These summary videos smartly compress the days’ events into just 2 minutes. No need to re-watch the entire video of the day. If there is something important, download the video to your phone.

Another great feature of Invidyo is the Smile Photo Album. Through A.I., Invidyo detects when your baby is smiling and captures those images to a folder, which you can see directly in the smart phone app. Simply download or share the image(s) with family and friends.  

3. Invidyo Grows with your Family

Invidyo is a terrific baby video monitor and nanny camera, however as your kids get older, Invidyo continues to be a great product for your family’s safety and security. When your little one gets mobile, the motion detection can notify you when they up and about. Through facial detection Invidyo can send an alert when a specific family member is detected, perhaps an older child coming home from school. Invidyo acts as a general-purpose home security monitor and through notifications and event recording ensures you capture any suspicious activity.

4. Two-Way Communication with Soothing Lullabies

Hear and speak with your baby in real-time from anywhere through the smart phone application.
Or if you need to console your baby select one of a number of accessible lullabies or white noise from the app to play through the camera’s speaker.


5. Secure Streaming and Storage & Multi-Parent Access

Videos are sent and stored with Bank-Level security from your camera to our servers and back to your smart phone or web browser.
 Your recordings are encrypted so that only YOU can access them. Invidyo allows multiple parent access to the application or web portal with the proper login.

Baby monitors have sure changed over the years!
With so many cool features we almost forgot to mention—Invidyo is easy to set up too.

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