Bugaboo Fox vs. Fox 2 | Product Comparison

Bugaboo Fox vs. Fox2 stroller comparison

What’s New with the Bugaboo Fox 2?

We’re glad you asked! Bugaboo has made some upgrades to the brand new Fox 2 stroller, but kept the same great design so that both the Fox & the Fox 2:

  • Fold with or without the seat attached 
  • Self-stand when folded 
Bugaboo Fox vs. Fox2 stroller comparison

  • Power over any terrain with all-wheel suspension and 8.5” front wheels/12” rear wheels
  • Have large storage baskets to tote the essentials
  • Have a wide range of handlebar heights ranging from 34.6” to 42.5” [FYI short & tall parents – this is one of the most accommodating handlebar heights you’ll find!]
  • Have a wide reclining and reversible seat – no 2-year-old will be squished in this stroller!
  • Accommodate children weighing up to 48.5 lbs
  • Weigh just under 28 lbs with the canopy, fabrics and basket attached – although you’ll find 21.8 lbs around the internet, that isn’t the weight you’ll be lifting in and out of your trunk!

  • So, what changes were made?

    • The canopy included with your Fox 2 purchase is equipped with ventilation panels and features a mesh peek-a-boo window, whereas the Fox canopy is not ventilated [the Breezy canopy can be purchased separately if you’re looking for a canopy more suited towards hot strolls] 
    Bugaboo Fox vs. Fox2 stroller comparison

    •  The trigger points to fold the Fox 2 release easier than on the Fox. They don’t require being twisted quite as far for the stroller to fold down. 

    Bugaboo Fox vs. Fox2 stroller comparison

    • When the Fox 2 is being used with the pram, the handle rotates so that it is easier to get your baby in/out, and there are storage pockets located along the sides. The Fox pram handle does not rotate and there are no storage pockets located on the side of the pram. 

    Bugaboo Fox vs. Fox2 stroller comparison

    • The Fox 2 underseat basket has one less pocket than the Fox, which gives it a cleaner look.

    Bugaboo Fox vs. Fox2 stroller comparison

    Aside from some upgraded fabric colours [including the stunning Mineral collection], those are the main differences between the Fox & the Fox 2.

    Accessories like car seat adapters, wheeled boards, canopies or fabrics are interchangeable between the Fox & the Fox 2 – which means that if you own the Fox and a newly released canopy colour catches your eye, you’re in luck!
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