Beaba Up & Down High Chair Review

Beaba Up & Down High Chair With Little Girl Sitting Inside With Pink Bowl in Front of Her
Feeding our children is a necessity of life and one of our major tasks as parents we want to get right the first time. One of the biggest helpers on your little one's culinary journey is the right high chair.

There are so many high chairs on the market, but only a few can adjust their height to allow you to have your child with you at different locations within the home at mealtime.

This is the high chair we have been waiting for!

Introducing the Beaba Up & Down High Chair! If you want to learn more about this feeding must-have keep reading!



  • Highest Tray Height: 36”
  • Lowest Tray Height: 28” 
  • Suitable for children aged 6 months all the way through to 36 months. 
  • Max child weight: 33 lbs. 

The Beaba High Chair was thoughtfully designed and made in France. This is abundantly clear with its sleek, compact design. The neutral colours are tasteful and on-trend, so they will fit in with your home decor. The high chair isn’t big and bulky — which can sometimes be the case — so it can be easily moved around the home.


So, they call it the “Up & Down High Chair” for a reason — it is intentionally designed, ergonomic, and YES...height adjustable. The most sought-after feature of this high chair is that it can go from table height to kitchen island height with the click of a button.

In all, the Beaba has 6 adjustable positions, so your little one can be at just the right height to enjoy mealtime on any surface in your home. This is such a great feature for bringing the high chair right up to the table itself, so everyone can eat together.


In terms of safety, the 3-point harness ensures your child will be cozy and secure while trying new baby cuisine and will fit from 6–36 months of age.

The Beaba Up & Down High Chair is also completely made from child-safe materials that are all BPA, lead, and phthalate-free.

Beaba Up & Down High Chair Without Tray and Toddler Sitting Inside, Beaba Up & Down High Chair Front View with Baby Smiling Inside, Beaba Up & Down High Chair Close-Up of Bottom Legs and Tray


Germs spread easily when food is involved, so it’s important to be able to get into all crevices of our children’s gear to give it a proper scrub.

Thankfully, the Beaba Up & Down High Chair scores major brownie points when it comes to cleaning. The Beaba can be easily taken apart to give it a proper wash in between meals.

The removable tray feature also allows you to slide the high chair right up to the dining room table, so the entire family can eat together.

In one easy step, you can remove the food tray and completely soak it in water. The stain-resistant cushion can be wiped clean or removed completely and thrown in the wash.

One added feature that parents can truly appreciate is the removable footrest. We are all aware of how dirty the food tray can get, but lots of mess inevitably makes its way to your little one’s feet too. Babies love to throw their food around when eating, plus when our children get a little bit older and start to walk, they walk through absolutely everything and the footrest can get quite grimy. Having the capability to remove and fully clean the footrest is a definite plus.


In all probability, your children's toys and other belongings have already taken over most of your house, so it’s nice to have a chic and aesthetically pleasing high chair that can sit in your dining area, look nice AND suit your feeding time needs.

The Up & Down High Chair from Beaba does that and more! It’s safe, sturdy, functional, easy to clean, and attractive — sounds like the perfect recipe for mealtime fun!

If there was one disadvantage of this high chair is that there isn’t a newborn kit, so you can’t use it until your baby is 6 months old. The seat can also only be used until your child is around 36 months (or 33 lbs). Around this time, many toddlers are able to graduate to a regular dining chair, however many high chairs on the market have a longer lifespan.

If you still aren’t sure, be sure to check out our Top High Chairs of 2023 for more great suggestions!

Bon appetit!

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