DECCO Toddler Monitor Review

Snuggle Bugz is excited to introduce you to the DECCO Toddler Monitor. The DECCO is a cute and friendly motion sensor device that hangs on a doorknob and alerts parents if their toddler leaves their bedroom or safe space. Created for parents by parents, co-founders Krista and Lisa share their story below.

Co-founders of DECCO Toddler Monitor - Krista and Lisa

We are Moms, business women and best friends; turned entrepreneurs! When one of our children, who was only 2 years old, got out of the house one night undetected, we were terrified. We couldn’t believe this had happened, and that we had not woken up. The only giveaway was the sprinkler from the backyard that was tucked into bed with him in the morning.

We went straight to the internet in search of a solution and came up empty handed. we were shocked to find that there was no solution on the market to monitor the movements of toddler aged children. What we did find were baby monitors that are not well suited to children once they are out of their cribs, locks on the door didn’t feel quite safe, and security systems that were so expensive and couldn’t be used to when travelling with our families.

When we talked to parents, we found that this was a problem for many, and our research found innumerable news stories of children wandering at night, come with tragic outcomes.

DECCO Toddler Monitor App displayed on mobile phone

Over a couple glasses of wine the idea for a simple motion detector on a door to help monitor the movements of toddlers was born. Although we had never manufactured a product before, we both had enough business experience that we decided to have a go at bringing our idea to life. And so, fuelled by some naivety, a lot of passion and even more wine, we launched an adventure to build our product and our brand.

DECCO the Toddler Monitor has turned into a mission to help keep kids safe, and also a labour of love in honor of our original inspirations, our sons Declan and Cooper. Whether it’s transitioning your child to a “big kid bed”, traveling to a family member’s house or taking a trip to the cabin, we hope that DECCO the Toddler Monitor helps give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is safe, sound and were they are supposed to be, asleep in their bed.

- Krista & Lisa

We love the DECCO Toddler Monitor but don't take our word for, it's also Parent approved:

I just got the DECCO Toddler Monitor and so far we love it!  The DECCO alerts me on my phone each time my toddler’s bedroom door opens. The installation is super easy – you just download the app and voila you’re good to go! Just hang the little green monster on the doorknob! 

My toddler has always been known to come out of his bedroom after bedtime. But when we got the DECCO, I explained to him that he sleeps on the door protecting his room, but if he opens the door it will wake him and make him sad. So it’s actually acted as a deterrent where he doesn’t want to wake the monster and actually stays in his room now! 

The DECCO is great and acts as a baby monitor for toddlers. I can go to the basement to do laundry and not have to worry that he’s come out of his room and is roaming around alone. I also think that it will be a great item to take on vacation because its so tiny and compact. 

Overall, we’ve had a great experience with the DECCO and I can rest assured that he won't come out of his room at night without me knowing." - Kat  
Two young boys reading together in bedroom with DECCO Toddler Monitor on doorknob

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