Grape Cutter

By Oxo Tot

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Grape Cutter

By Oxo Tot

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Safety First

Grapes can be high-risk choking hazards for children, but cutting whole grapes into smaller pieces helps. However, halving grapes is only half the battle. Quartering is better -- the shape and smaller size of the quartered pieces make them less likely to get stuck in a child's windpipe. But there's no need to painstakingly slice everything with a knife -- the BPA-free OXO Tot Grape Cutter offers a faster, easier and safer way to quarter grapes. Sharp, serrated, stainless steel blades slice through the soft fruit skin, while keeping hands out of the way, and the curved finger rest provides comfort during repetitive use. A cover snaps on for safe storage or for taking on the go.

  • BPA and PVC free

  • Dishwasher Safe

Additional Information

Additional Information


Step 1: Place a grape into the opening in the body of the Cutter. Although the tool is designed for grapes, you can also use it to cut through pitted olives and grape tomatoes to make a fruit salad or salsa snack (or sangria!) after you've fed your little one.

Step 2: Place your fingers around the comfortable finger rests and press down on the plunger at the top, beginning to push the grape onto the blades in the base.

Step 3: Press all the way down on the plunger and push the grape through the criss-crossed blades. What was once a whole grape is now four small quarters that you can feed to your tot without worry.


Materials: Stainless Steel Blades, Plastic

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