Warehouse Sale: What You Need to Know

Are you planning on coming to the Warehouse Sale on January 26? We’re so happy to have you! But, when we say warehouse sale, we mean WAREHOUSE sale. Like, it’s at our warehouse. Now, I will be there, so that’s reason enough to attend, no? And while I’ll do my best to keep you entertained, and while we like to think our warehouse is glamorous, this sale isn’t at an immaculately merchandised store, and it can be tricky to navigate with toddlers in tow, or a fetus playing “Another One Bites the Dust” on your bladder. Here are a few tips for surviving your first warehouse sale. Please take note of these! I promise, it’ll make your experience much better!


One thing I’d like to set apart is FURNITURE. We are selling last years’ models, floor models, overstock, you name it. The furniture you’ll find at the warehouse sale is PRICED TO MOVE. And if you want furniture, it’s a HOT selling item and you should be here early. Like 6am early.

  1. Location. As mentioned above, the sale is at our warehouse, not our store. 3375 North Service Rd, Burlington. Go to the back door! Door B11. Click here for a map.
  2. Come early. We mean really early. The doors open at 8.
  3. Be prepared to wait. Come with a charged up phone, your e-reader, a coffee IV and an old fashioned magazine. Even a compact (emphasis on compact) folding stool that you can move along with you would make your experience better.
  4. Dress for the weather. The line to get in is located outside, in our parking lot. Wear very comfortable shoes and dress in layers.
  5. Food. Eat before you come and bring snacks and water.
  6. Washrooms. We do not have access to washrooms for public use. Please plan accordingly.
  7. Babies/Children. If possible, it’s better to come alone or with just one other adult. Perhaps January 26th is a great day for some bonding time between your children and their grandparents.
  8. Strollers. This event is not particularly stroller friendly. Please leave any strollers in the car or at home and consider using a baby carrier if you are bringing your child with you.
  9. Carrying your purchases. We do not have shopping carts, so come with free arms and hands.
  10. Payment. We accept cash, Visa/MC or debit.
  11. Delivery. All items will need to be taken with you when you purchase. Please ensure you bring a vehicle that is capable of transporting what you hope to buy. A crib will not fit in your Honda Civic, no matter how bad we all want it to.

And with that, I’m signing off. Take these tips to heart and the warehouse sale should be enjoyable for all of us!

EDIT: We currently cannot disclose everything that will be at the sale. We continue to asses exactly what and how much will be there. I can tell you that if you’re looking for something specific that you need to come early! The deals are better later in the day but that makes no difference if we sell out of what you need! We do have a little bit of everything and are working our hardest to make the 2013 Warehouse Sale everything you hope it will be and more.

About Sarah

A transplant from western Canada, Sarah and her husband now live in Hamilton, Ontario. They are parents to a little guy, born August 2014, and have also acquired two plants to care for. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @ispeakcanadian.
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  • Katie

    can you tell us what some of the sale items are?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Katie, We think we might do that – watch our Facebook page for some potential photos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.thomsoncarreiro Melissa Thomson-Carreiro

    will there be car seats on sale?

    • Anonymous

      No there will not be car seats on sale. Britax is on sale the beginning of February and two Diono seats are currently on sale.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Melissa,

        It appears there will be a few of select car seats on sale, although I don’t know what those will be! -Sarah

  • Nicole

    Are cloth diapers going to be on sale ?

    • Anonymous

      We will have *select* cloth diapers there. Worth coming for, and coming early!

  • http://www.facebook.com/diana.of.fruitopia Diana Irene Verheyen

    Are jujube diaper bags going to be there?

  • Jane

    Are ALL Britax seats going on sale in February? I need to order a Frontier, but I’ll wait if they’re going to be on sale in a couple of weeks! :)

  • mamatalishous

    will gdiapers? b on sale?

  • Dana

    change pad or rocking chair on sale?

  • Kari

    You might want to edit your edit at the bottom of the post- it should be ‘assess’, not ‘asses’. :)