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This week on the blog, we are featuring a guest post from our friends at diono! As safety is their number one concern, they are stopping by to share some tips for safe summer travel. DionoBecoming a parent is the biggest and scariest, yet most exciting journey in life. At diono, we’ve made it our passion to lovingly engineer ideas that are all about safety and smiles – wherever you are going. Just as your children are constantly evolving, so are we! You may have noticed we have a new logo, but it’s more than a logo and tagline. We’ve re-imagined our convertible car seats with new fashions and premium fabrics that we think you will love, all while keeping safety at the heart of our designs. This is just the beginning of our new journey and summer is the perfect time to showcase our new look. We’d love to share with you a few of our favourite tips for keeping safety and smiles in mind while you are out adventuring with your children this season. 

BlogImages_DionoRebrand_1School’s out! Time for longer play dates, trips to the museum and the beach. Will you be taking a family vacation or staying close to home? No matter what you’re doing, the lazy days of summer are great for our sanity, but never get lazy on safety. Here are some of our hot tips for keeping your kids safe while you’re on the road and in a car seat .

  • Clothes on in the car. Many of us leave the pool or beach and don’t think to cover up when we get into the car. During a crash the webbing on seat belts and the car seat harness can cause friction burns on bare skin. To help prevent this, make sure everyone in the car is wearing clothes between themselves and the webbing. Don’t skip the seat belts or car seats just because you’re close to home.
  • Keep Cool. Baby it’s HOT outside, and car seat buckles can heat up and cause a burn or discomfort to your child. Keep car seats cool when you’re parked in a parking lot by covering them with a towel that you can remove when placing them in the seat. Never leave it as an extra layer between the seat and your child. Alternatively, you can use a sun protection product made specifically for your car seat by your car seat manufacturer.
  • Extra car seats. No doubt your kids want to hang out with their friends and you might just treat them to a trip to the ice cream shop or to the movies. Be prepared and ensure that you have the proper type of seat according to weight and height requirements fore every child so that everyone is buckled up properly and safely.


  • Get to know your blind spots. With kids out of school, they are bound to be out and about riding bikes or running through your neighborhood. Before you back out of your driveway, look around your vehicle to be sure a child is not nearby. Roll your windows down and turn off the radio before you put the car in drive so you can hear if anyone is approaching. Unfortunately, approximately 50 children are backed over every week because the driver could not see the child!
  • Look Before you lock. Life can cause us to be very distracted. Be sure to remain focused on driving and your passengers. Never leave babies or children in the car, not even for a quick run into the store. Keep your purse or other important items near your child. You’ll most likely need to take them with you when you exit the car and you’ll always have a reminder that your child is in the back seat. An average of 38 children die every year from being left in the car.

BlogImages_DionoRebrand_2Keep these tips top of mind this summer and enjoy your family travels! You can learn more about diono car seats and their new fashions by visiting their website and can shop for diono car seats here.

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Black and White Style

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While summer pastels are light and refreshing, there is something about timeless black and white that looks crisp, clean and modern. If you are shopping for a gender neutral gift, or just love the monochromatic look, here are some of our favourite black and white products to inspire your next purchase.

Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

  1. Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Car Seat in Devoted Black and White
  2. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair in Black
  3. Ju Ju Be Be Neat Legacy Bib – The Marquess 
  4. Colibri Reusable Snack Bag – Large Paisley
  5. Baby Paper in Black and White Stripe
  6. OVer Company Alto Stripe OVer Cover 
  7. Minimoc Infinity Shoe in Silver Dot
  8. Skip Hop Footie & Hat in Cloud
  9. Farm Hoppers Cow
  10. Little Unicorn Petite Manifest Bag in Obsidian
  11. Lulujo Bamboo Blanket in Hugs and Kisses
  12. Kid O Wobble Racoon
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SleepHow to transition your toddler’s naps without tears (from anyone)

One of the most common questions parents of toddlers ask me is when their toddler should be transitioned to one nap and how to do it effectively. I firmly believe that naps are one of the fundamentals of healthy sleep and that well rested children are far more likely to sleep through the night than overtired ones. Sleep begets sleep – so that a child who gets enough rest during the day will sleep better at night than one who doesn’t. Toddlers taking two daily naps should still be getting between 1 and 1.5 hours of sleep at each nap. When removing one of the naps, it is important to remember that we aren’t removing the need for sleep – we are simply redistributing that sleep to bedtime and the other nap period. When the morning nap is removed, the afternoon nap usually increases to between 1 and 3 hours. Additionally, you may find that bedtime needs to be moved earlier for a period until your toddler adjusts to the new sleep schedule. Once your preschooler (3-4 years old) outgrows the need for daily naps, I strongly recommend keeping some quiet time in the former nap time slot to help them recharge (and give you a break too).

One of the biggest mistakes parents make regarding naps is removing them too soon. Before transitioning your child to one nap, watch them for a week or two and see if they consistently show these signs of being ready to transition to a single nap period:
1. Morning nap is pushed too far and disrupts afternoon nap – making it too late to be helpful.
2. Your child is consistently skipping the afternoon nap.

If your child is under 15 months of age, I strongly recommend waiting until they reach that age before making any adjustments as young toddlers often go through sleep regressions that can wreak havoc on nap times. Once they grow out of this phase, the child often goes back to sleeping on the same schedule they did before the regression. If the child is still going to bed early (anytime between 6 and 7 pm) with two naps, then they should stay on the two nap schedule. If your child is sleep sensitive, they may need to hold onto two naps for longer – even until they’re 18 months of age. You don’t want to rock the sleep boat unnecessarily. Even though a child may not need as much sleep from a developmental point of view, transitioning to one nap can cause sleep issues to creep up, especially if it is done too early. I advise parents to keep two naps for as long as possible as long as it is not disrupting bedtime or pushing it too late.

Once you have decided your child is ready to switch to one nap there are a couple of ways to do it:
1. Cold turkey. If you feel that your child will be able to handle the switch and move to a single afternoon nap at an earlier time (like 12:00 pm), then go for it. Remember that we want to redistribute the missing sleep time from the morning nap, so gradually try to lengthen the time your child naps until the missing sleep is accommodated. If your child was sleeping for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, your goal will be to make the afternoon nap period 2 hours.
2. If you’re not sure that the cold turkey method will work for your child, then try pushing the morning nap later by 15 minutes every day until you are at a 12:00 or 12:30pm single naptime.

By age 3 or 4, most children can successfully end all napping. The transition to no naps can be hard on everyone – parents and kids alike, and I recommend maintaining an hour or more of quiet time into the afternoon and keeping it until the child enters full day schooling. Not only will it help your child recharge, it’s a great break for the caregiver as well. I always suggest having some special quiet time toys that only come out during that period. Go to the dollar store or thrift shop and pick out a few books, puzzles, or toys without sound and put them in a box labelled “Quiet Time”. When it’s time for quiet time, have your child pick one of the special toys to play with in his room. He may even fall asleep! After quiet time, your child can put the toy back in the box to be played with again at the next quiet time.
The transition to one nap and then to no naps can be hard on both parents and children, but by making sure your child is ready and adjusting their sleep so that they aren’t losing sleep, you can make the transition easier on everyone.

Alanna McGinn is Founder and Certified Sleep Consultant of Good Night Sleep Site, a global sleep consulting practice. She is Representative and Director for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC) and serves on the faculty of The Family Sleep Institute. She and her husband, Mike, live in Burlington, Ontario with their 3 children (1+twins!) and when she’s not on route to the bus stop or tripping over fire trucks and tea sets, she and her global team are working with families to overcome their sleep challenges. You can follow her expert advice in national publications like Today’s Parent, Yummy Mummy Club, PBS Kids, and Canadian Living. Alanna strives in helping families and corporations overcome their sleep challenges and have happy well-rested smiles in the morning. You can find out more about Alanna McGinn and Good Night Sleep Site at www.goodnightsleepsite.com and you can join Alanna on the first Wednesday of every month at the Burlington location of Snuggle Bugz/Nestled for her in-person sleep clinic from 10-11am.

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July Clearance Center Sale

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Our Clearance Center Sales are now held on the first Wednesday of EVERY month, so that means this Wednesday, July 6th from 10am-1pm, Snuggle Bugz will be hosting your favourite sale again! As always, we must stress that this is a CLEARANCE sale and not a warehouse sale. And as much as we would love to have you shop at one of our beautiful retail locations, the Clearance Sale will be taking place in our Clearance Centre at 1040 Sutton Drive, Unit #1 in Burlington.

Product inventory is limited – meaning once we are sold out, that’s it – and products are SOLD AS IS. ALL ITEMS PURCHASED AT THE CLEARANCE CENTRE ARE A FINAL SALE & CANNOT BE RETURNED TO ANY SNUGGLE BUGZ RETAIL LOCATION.

This sale will feature strollers, stroller accessories, car seats, feeding, bedding, and some decor items all at amazing clearance prices. We will have also have a selection of Diono Convertible Car Seats on sale at 25 % off as well as several Britax Boulevard Car Seats in Laguna on for $100 off! All new and in the box, never opened. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

BlogImages_JulysaleHere are some helpful hints so you know WHAT TO EXPECT at the sale:

1.Location. As mentioned above, the sale is at our Clearance Centre, not our store. 1040 Sutton Drive, Burlington. There is no street parking available for the sale.
2. Come On-Time. The doors open at 10am and will close promptly at 1pm.
3. Be prepared to wait. Come with a charged up phone, cool clothes and an expectation that there will be a line.
4. Dress for the weather. The line to get in is located outside, in our parking lot. With the sun out in full effect this week, be sure to wear clothes that will keep you cool but protected from the elements! And Sunscreen!
5.  Food. Eat before you come, bring snacks and plenty of water.
6. Washrooms. We know we said bring water but we DO NOT have access to washrooms for public use. Please plan accordingly.
7. Strollers. This event is not particularly stroller friendly. Please leave any strollers in the car or at home and consider using a baby carrier if you are bringing your child with you.
8. Carrying your purchases. We do not have shopping carts, so come with free arms and hands.
9. Payment. We accept Visa, Master Card or debit only. Amex, Cash and Gift Cards are NOT accepted. All items are FINAL SALE.
10. Delivery. All items will need to be taken with you when you purchase. Please ensure you bring a vehicle that is capable of transporting what you hope to buy.

Please keep in mind that these products are sold AS IS. The inventory selection includes pieces that were floor models, discontinued items, items that have been opened or removed from their original packaging, etc. These are not items that you would find in one of our retail stores or online. All products are safe for use.

With expectations clearly set and helpful hints provided, your shopping experience at our July Clearance Sale should be that much better! We look forward to seeing you there!

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110315_BlogHeader_Sweet PeaBlogImages_Ice Cream SandwichesSummer is here and nothing kicks off warm weather fun like a long weekend! Bathing suits are on, fireworks and cookouts are planned, and children (and adults) across the country are searching for a cool, refreshing treat that will result in sticky faces and satisfied tummies. We’ve found the perfect treat that is both easy to make and kid friendly!

Ice cream sandwiches are a great way to combine a cool blast with a crunchy treat. Sweet Pea Organic Cookies are a favourite among both young and old at our house and with their 100% whole grain organic ingredients, they are a great way to make a special treat a little healthier and are the perfect size to make a kid portion. Available in four different flavours, you can customize your ice cream sandwiches to build any combination of flavours you like, satisfying even the pickiest of palates.

A fun activity to do with kids, try making some this weekend (bonus points if you decorate them red and white for Canada Day.) My helper loved making these almost as much as she enjoyed eating them!

Here is how we made our Sweet Pea Ice Cream Sandwiches:

1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone non stick mat like Silpat.

2. Line up bowls of your favourite ice cream toppings to decorate with.

BlogImages_Sprinkles _Elle

3. Pick your favourite Sweet Pea Cookie flavours (we especially love the Strawberry Vanilla and Sweet Apple) and line an even amount of them with tops facing down on your baking sheet.

BlogImages_On Pan

4. Using a 1 Tbsp Ice Cream Scoop, place a scoop on half of all the cookies. Using a scoop will help keep a consistent amount on each cookie and will also keep the ice cream contained. Work quickly because this can be melty business!

5. Once you have placed the ice cream on the first set of cookies, top each scoop with a plain cookie, pressing gently to spread/flatten the ice cream to cover the bottom cookie surface.

6. Place the entire tray in the freezer to firm up for at least an hour (the waiting is the hardest part!)

7. Once your sandwiches have firmed up, take them out of the freezer one by one to decorate. You can roll them in sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, fruit- just about anything you like to pair with your ice cream! Cover the surface of the ice cream sides and then place it back in the freezer while you continue to decorate the rest.

BlogImages_Done cookies8. Now that you have tortured your tiny helper long enough as you wait for these to be ready, enjoy!

BlogImages_Elle Ready

If you try out this recipe this weekend, leave us a comment or a picture and let us know how it turned out! As a special treat, all Sweet Pea Organic Cookies are on sale this weekend so grab them while you can! If you have don’t like ice cream we can’t be friends the cookies are also delicious on their own! Cheers to the long weekend! Happy Canada Day Everyone!


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